Twitter spamming 24/05/2023 Incident report

This News piece explains the reason as to how we ended up getting dev data in our Twitter feed.


All good! Thanks for giving us the feedback about what happened.
I didn’t even see it happen, so you’ve acted fast! :party_parrot:

Guud Job!

Thanks for your update and news @testingchef - I did not notice it, as I deactivated my account on :bird: (Twitter).

By the way (off-topic) - why is MoT not in the fediverse (yet) or if, where? :wink:

Hey @alexschnapper ,

We’re keeping a keen eye on Bluesky and we’ve created an account on Bluesky should things take off. There are already a number of us testing folks on there. MoT has no plans to join Mastodon or others at this stage.


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