Video Player Testing

Hi everybody,

let’s start by being polite and introduce myself :slight_smile:

I am a former Java developer that moved into QA about three years ago now. In the first two years on the job, I only did manual testing. Now I have moved into a role that requires test automation on different levels.

The problem I am struggling with is quite specific and I’m curious to find an outside view on the matter.

The agile team I am part of is focused on video. We use a video platform (Ooyala) to be able to monetize videos and the videos are using multiple different players. We do regular upgrades of those players. We don’t own the players, but we do enable our stakeholders to use these. So we want to be sure that the players work and be confident about the update. It turns out that most of the end users watch videos on a mobile phone. So in an ideal world we would have an automated test suite that runs against a device farm and checks the basic video player functionalities. It should be possible to capture the player events in the frontend (if you know how to ;-)). It’s very difficult to find any information on video player testing, let alone the combination with mobile devices.

So, I guess the question is, how would you handle this? Would you even start trying to automate it? Would you argue that it is really not our problem? Would you start small by first trying to automate players in a regular browsers?

Looking forward to hearing new ideas :slight_smile:

Maybe you can do this with Selenium and SikuliX combination. It is worth to search and try this combo.

Have a look at what Netflix’s testers are doing? If there’s no blog, try asking directly.
As for hardware, most suppliers will lend you some if you can prove you will sell more of their product.

As I know Testinium has this kind of functionality. You can also contact with them.

Lost track of this but thank you for the suggestions! I will certainly look into them.

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