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We have vdeo hour where I work which consists of a lunch time session, catered, with a video that relates to software engineering in some shape or form. Do you wonderful people of the club have any suggestions videos or conference talks that would like to share with the world?

We do something similar as well, weโ€™ve found it is quite useful to use short videos (10 mins or so) and use them to spark some conversations. I will share some Youtube channels that can work for that:
Whiteboard testing

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I used to do something similar at my previous company. We would watch various webinars or go through PluralSight or Udemy video courses. Last year I created a Selenium course, and I have made some of the content available on Vimeo. I have also started an updated course this year along with free โ€œone offโ€ tutorials. Iโ€™m hoping to start producing at least one per month but that hasnโ€™t gone well with my work schedule.

Wolvesbane Academy Channel

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The Dojo, thereโ€™s a ton of testing videos there -