Webinar about Screenplay Pattern

Hello Testers,

I got this invite for a Webinar on a subject I am a novice at, Screenplay Patter.

In case you are like me and usually use Page Object and want to know more about the other way have a look.


Thanks for the share! I also registered :slight_smile:

So Screenplay is .NET only? What is it’s platform support like?


Screenplay is not .Net specific as far as I know. I tried to use it with Java and Javascript


Keen to hear a report back. I do my testing on a application that is instrumented and has test framework hooks built into it directly, but I have had to use UI automation tools in the past and found it very a tiring job. Too easy to get it wrong and have to start over.

@conrad.braam screenplay is an alternative pattern to the pageobjects model.
I believe Andrew has created Boa Constrictor which is .Net framework to make it easier to adopt the screenplay pattern.

Thanks for sharing @restertest. I’ve only heard of the pattern briefly. Will be great to hear more detail. :+1:

I used Ranorex years ago on a large .NET project, which ultimately failed to keep up steam. It needed a fulltime owner. And we made the mistake of testing work-flows via the UI, which seemed a great goal at the time, but in retrospect if I had known more about page-objects back then I might have saved it.

Myself I’m keen to know if the pageobject pattern I implemented in Python can be improved, (and my Python skill improved) if I learn some new tricks from other people’s implementations and port the concepts.

Just in case you missed it here is the recording


Thanks for sharing!

About the screenplay pattern, it is just a design pattern, so it’s language agnostic, but you can find it already implemented in frameworks like Serenity BDD (java) and Serenity JS (javascript). The first one was created by John Ferguson Smart and the second one, by Jan Molak, just in case you wanted to search for references.

There is a great explanation about the screenplay pattern in Serenity JS’ official website, in case you wanted some extra resources apart from this webinar.

It’s a great pattern for creating business related steps in BDD related automation tools, for instance.

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Andy Pandy actually makes it clear in the talk. It’s NOT a Pattern , it’s a convention. And while the presentation is a bit long, but it’s really a worthwhile watch if you have not yet implemented pageobjects in your test platform language. But also you can still learn from Andy how to improve your existing interactions. A pity the audio breaks up a bit, but worth getting to the bits where the separation of concerns is explained, flows and combining are explained too.

I’m not totally sold on it being “fluent”, but not being a C# dev the Boa toolstack may not be accessible to most of us, and Serenity-BDD is perhaps the way for non-dev testers. (A common recurring theme here with tools it seems.) Although personally, I’ll be watching to see if the Python bindings for Boa hinted at comes out sometime.