Week 2 Activity - Automate your checks


In our last session we looked at how we can break a system down into its component parts and use risk analysis to identify potential checks to create. We also looked at how to use SACRED to design automated checks. In this activity we’re going to capitalise on the strategic work we’ve done to build valuable automated checks.


This activity is all about getting comfortable with using tools and programming languages to automate checks. The work we’ve done so far helps define what we want to achieve, but learning how to implement the checks is no small task. Learning how to use tools and to programme is not something that is learnt quickly. We need time to learn and try out new ideas, hit problems and overcome them. By the end of this activity you will not just have create automated checks but begun your journey in building checks in different tools and languages.


For this activity you will need to:

  1. Pick one of the automated checks your team identified from the visual task analysis
  2. Using SACRED and your own preferences for what tools you would like to learn, implement the automated check

You can get support from Richard and Mark on The Club as well as others in your cohort. Be prepared to share your automated checks in the next session.