What are Difference Between Globalization Testing and Localization Testing

What are Difference Between Globalization Testing and Localization Testing?

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Could you add a bit more context to your question @jahnvi01? That’ll help you to get more useful/helpful answers :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar this the term globalization.
Terms that are commonly used together in the context of testing are internationalization and localization. Is that probably what you mean?
Rather than me trying to explain the differences, I would like to refer to this article

I find the W3C definition a little confusing, in my mind I have 2 compartments. One that allows the users preferences to “automatically” surface in your app (internationalization) and the other which is code you specifically have to write in order to handle “specific countries” your app is marketed into (localization).

It’s a good question, and I’ve for a long time avoided clarifying it for myself, because things like the right-to left reading problem, and translation were always called localization where I worked. Which fits closer to the wikipedia definition which explains that well written apps are automatically “internationalized”; whereas engineering effort is needed to do things like translate and handle layouts and are called “localization” work in my mind at least.

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Yeah, It can come across as confusing.
Any chance you can link the Wikipedia definitions @conrad.braam ?

I started here rather bizarrely Language localisation - Wikipedia . But if you got to the sister page first Internationalization and localization - Wikipedia , it explains that the link between these terms is an engineering process.

Glad I am not the only person who has always been of the habit to ask for clarification whenever the topic comes up.
An example of how I bag these.

  • Gotchas like when people assume that comma separated variable files that have a filetype .CSV, contain commas, in some locales, they don’t, but contain semicolons instead. I call those bugs internationalization bugs. (Basically the coder forgot to make an api call)
  • When text does not fit onto a box on a screen, or when OK/CANCEL buttons get labeled incorrectly, I call that a localization bug. (The coder needs to leave more space, or we need to take have a chat with our translation subcontractor. IE Ongoing work needs doing.)

In my experience, the term localisation was always around ensuring there are localised versions of a product (language, Culture and technical differences), where as internationalisation was about making the software as generic as possible to enable it to
Be consumed in all global markets and not need localised versions.

When I worked in CyberSecurity, we had a big localisation team who performed loads of localisation testing ensuring our product worked in all markets. Internationalisation was more of a content/marketing role

Not sure if that helps


When I did localization (before I became a tester) we used the following words:
localization - the management of translated resources, checking them in, smoke tests, deployment (not translation though)
internationalization - enabling software to switch to other languages and display them correctly (code pages etc etc)
globalization - the whole process including internationalization and localization