What are some of the opensource projects (specifically related to testing), that you've used or have been working on?

I’ve been building some tools internally for myself and my team to help with our daily testing activities.

But some of these problems are very common. So I always try and search for existing solutions, so I can contribute to an existing solution instead of reinventing the wheel.

So I’d love to know what are some of the cool open-source stuff you’ve worked on or have been using pretty frequently to help with your testing ?

@jaswanth below are few:

Web Testing: Selenium, Protactor
Mobile: Appium
Performance: Jmeter, Gatling

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I’ve started noodling about with a simple web app testing language, so that devs and testers can see exactly what led to a failure without having to interpret a paradigm or a bunch of Selenium calls. It works at the level of clicking things, filling fields and checking things - the concrete steps involved in using or testing a web app. As a side interest, I’ve been worrying that someone has already done this, I’m an idiot for trying, and I’m wasting my time. :grin:

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Recently I found this project which essentially did what I wanted in terms of monitoring builds but also had multiple other sources, which I thought was pretty cool.

I started building some additionally functionality that I was after to this project instead of creating my own version.

I really enjoy using open source tooling:

  • JMeter for performance testing
  • ZAP for security tests