What are the best Java-based automated testing tools?

I am looking for automated testing tools which have the feature to use Java for automating tests.
This is different from automated testing tools for Java applications. (I hope this is clear)

Unfortunately, a google search “Java-based automated testing tools” is inaccurate in giving the right information.

I know two tools which use Java for automating tests: SOAPUI and Selenium. I would like to know if there are others.

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You could also look at JMeter for load and performance testing and jUnit as a unit test framework…

Thanks a lot, chris.

Adding a specific question:
Are there any functional testing tools (other than SOAPUI and Selenium) which uses Java for automating tests?

Hello dear,

Here I would like to suggest you some top automation testing tools which will be surely help you…
You can read here:https://www.testrigtechnologies.com/tool-based-testing-top-10-automation-testing-tools/

there are two testing tools which i know that are Arquillian and junit.

TestNG is a good way to structure your tests. It improves the separation of the application code and test code. Applitools can be used for caomparing screenprints. This tool must be paid, if you use a lot of image comparisons. There is an extra price tag for storing the images onyour preferred host.

Gherkin can be used to describe the behaviour of a system on a high level. In turn Cucumber can translate this to Java.

Other tools to consider are REST Assured and Robot Framework.

More detailed information can be found at Test Automation University.


Nice Question…

According to me, automation testing can’t succeed without the right and the perfect selection of suitable automation testing tool. The selection tool is based on various factors such as user behavior, test automation trends, project needs, and requirements, etc. and AI and ML is the advanced and most demanded thing of test automation.
Anyways, I would like to suggest some top Java Automated Testing Tools of 2020 which may be helpful to you…

1) JSUnit
2) Jasmine
3) Karma
4) Qunit
5) TagUnit

I hope this information is useful to u.
Most of the popular Java tools are open source and are largely derived from JUnit. The tools vary for the view, business logic and validation components.
Here are some of the best java based automating testing tools are,
5)Selenium WebDriver