What are you doing now?

Derek Sivers started a nice movement which involves people sharing what they are doing now.

I have mine listed on my blog.

It currently says:

What I’m doing now…

  • Founder at Ministry of Testing. Currently on (un)maternity leave.
  • Getting back into shape and running after having a baby in November 2017.
  • Developing and learning about education and unschooling and trying to write and share about it as much as possible at unschool.me. UnschoolMe was originally a personally unschooling blog, but for 2018 onwards I’ve decided to turn it into a ‘research’ project into unschooling and self-directed type learning things.
  • Blogging life and more personal things over at Messy Times – unschooling journey, family life, work/life balance, health, minimalism.
  • Trying to become less overwhelmed and focus on me!

What are you doing now?


Hey Rosie - great list.

  • Right now I am listening to some dub on Spotify (it really helps me concentrate), whilst looking at some automated tests, where we are doing a PoC using Gauge with Selenium.
  • I am marvelling that my blog post has had over 600 views in just 3 days! People really want to read what I write :grinning:. I just approved another comment on there - I love to get feedback (whether people agree or not) as I learn new things.
  • Thinking about objectives (work and personal) for this year - hey, its January so aren’t we all?
  • As part of that I am aiming to do some conference talks, so just mulling over topics. I’ve already been invited to speak at one which is cool.
  • I’ve got some conference submissions to help review over the next few weeks.
  • I also want to give something back, but need to check my schedule to see where I can get to evening wise to join in some of the awesome events going on.
  • And I want to keep going with the Saturday Parkrun’s. I do a 5k one in Preston Park or Hove Park and I want to keep this going, and do some evening ones as sitting at a desk all day is not good. (I am running the Brighton 10k in April!!!)
  • Lastly I want to declutter life - bits in the loft, things that I dont need to do or dont add value, time wasted on unproductive tasks etc.
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  • Right now as above, I’m listening to a Retro Classics mix by Gary Keelor from 2014 on SoundCloud.
  • Garnering new items to test on an ageing mainframe. (really just having stuff dumped on me as no one is interested in mainframe testing. Supposedly it’s not cool and you don’t get to play with the new toys.)
  • Honing my old JCL skills whilst entering data from a CSV file compiled of names, addresses etc for input into a 30 year old mainframe application that does stuff for a State Police Department. No, it is not online to the public, and there is no web or mobile application associated with or to it. Green screen my old friend
  • Basking in the warm glow of commendation from the Director of one State entity to my Director in another State entity over the level of testing services provided to them and the manner in which it was accomplished. :blush:
  • Figuring out what flight to catch over the weekend to surprise a friend for a milestone birthday. It’s that, or drive the 24 Hour 2500 kilometre round trip. Yep, Australia is that big.
  • Identify training days I can attend to assist young up and coming rally drivers at the motorsport club I am associated with.
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What I’m doing now…

-prepare to pack the deco’s from last year, this year without tree ! :christmas_tree:
-read some post from good blog’s - yes ministryOftesting is in the list :-):robot::+1:
-allready book my next vacation is it not nice ? :sunglasses::sun_with_face:

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This week looks a bit like this, but most of these will be ongoing.

Clearing space and taking delivery of new office pool table.
On going testing/development of 3 interesting and varied products and might even get a new one to look at later in the week.
Finishing up the design and rolling out a new office-wide self development initiative, ‘Empowered and supported self directed development’, and providing some coaching around this.
Might have a look at doing a GDPR risk mindmap.
Planning a beach weekend, my son has been watching too much fishing and crabbing video’s on youtube over the new year and I also bought myself a few fishing thing as a to myself xmas present so no excuse not to go to the beach.

Right now, thinking about what to have for lunch.

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  • Listening to a ‘Focus’ playlist on spotify
  • Reading ‘Agile Testing’ (so far, I’m hooked, at page 135)
  • Experimenting with ‘Pomodoro’ time-management (25 minutes of reading, 5 minutes break, repeat)
  • In my breaks: find a nice monitor arm for my 25 inch dell monitors in my home office
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