What are your thoughts on ReportPortal?

Have you used reportportal.io before?

What did you think of it? Were there any pros/cons in your experience with it?

Another discussion popped up about this recently on Slack so adding the replies here in case anyone else is investigating this tool

I did at my previous job - worked well as a dashboard to show test execution status across projects; and fairly simple to setup On Docker/Kubernetes if you have access to those

From @ladislav

It has great UI for investigations and aggregations which is great.
But we see perf. issues. E.g. we hit this one https://github.com/reportportal/reportportal/issues/950 we have fix deplyed for our instance but still looking forward the next version.
Also UI is not fastest when page size is more the 42 (:thinking_face:) so was curious how it behaves elsewhere as we are running on relatively good AWS instances.