What do you like / dislike about BackstopJS?

Please share your thoughts about using BackstopJS (GitHub - garris/BackstopJS: Catch CSS curve balls.).

Very easy to setup and does wonderful job for static websites with public pages. Once you try to test something more complex, things are not so pretty.

hi Milos, thank you for reply. What is “something more complex” in your case?

For example website that is not public but requires different sets of login credentials to access all pages.

Another problem I’ve encountered is with websites that have “lazy loading” for pictures. I’ve tried increasing delay between screenshots, but some pictures on bigger pages never load which creates a lot of false positives in results.

I have BackstopJS setup for one static website (1400+ pages, checking 3 different resolutions for each). It helps me a lot to quickly check everything, but it is not perfect.