What GitHub repositories do you have starred?

What GitHub repositories do you have starred and why?

I’ve got:

  1. @bonigarcia webdrivermanager as one I wanted to come back to.
  2. Andrew Fowlers webdriverio-theinternet - very valuable when I was starting out with WebdriverIO!
  3. @ckenst testingconferences to keep up to date with all the events happening.
  4. @james.osborn awesome-testing an excellent list of resources curated by the community.

Deequ: a must for data quality monitoring in bigdata projects.

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I’ve got a few work related ones starred since I’m forgetful.

HM Land Registry automated test skeleton

HM Land Registry common development environment

I tend to see something I’m interested in, star it for later, and forget about it until someone posts a topic. Not naming any names.

Just like Model based testing learning

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I’ve got a few of them but my recent one is @mwinteringham’s k-cards-online (https://github.com/mwinteringham/k-cards-online).

I’ve been meaning to contribute to it with some testing and also some possible fixes. Hopefully I’ll get to it sometime this weekend.


I bookmarked this one -

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