What is a good alternative to Postman's scratchpad?

I’ve been using Postman’s offline mode or scratchpad for a really long time for a lot of my exploratory testing. I have a large number of endpoints that I check from time to time to gather information for issues I’m getting further down the line and I keep examples of each in collections.

The endpoints usually require either a username/password or a key, that I’d rather keep offline, and I currently keep them in the environment variable area.

The scratchpad is being removed on the 15th September 2023 and the cloud-based workspaces have not been signed off as acceptable at our company. I have used SOAP UI before and I could go back to that, but I was wondering, what are other good alternatives that testers regularly use instead?


I am using the [Karate] (GitHub - karatelabs/karate: Test Automation Made Simple) testing tool to do my API testing. If you are familiar with cucumber, then you can check out this tool. You can use the tool in different environments with any number of endpoints.


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Quick update as it relates to the topic here:

With V11 of Postman, we have introduced the Postman Vault (Store secrets in your Postman Vault | Postman Learning Center), which allows you to store your sensitive data in an encrypted local vault that is not synced with the Postman Cloud. Also, we have added multiple security features to help prevent accidental exposure of your API credentials.

Happy to answer any questions that your might have around this or any other Postman related concerns. :pray:

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I use bruno (GitHub - usebruno/bruno: Opensource IDE For Exploring and Testing Api's (lightweight alternative to postman/insomnia)) at the moment.
It’s have basic functions like API test tool and you don’t have to sync anything in cloud