What is the best way to pitch a video, a fix, a tutorial from your point of view

Hello Ministry,

From time to time I like to post nice videos on my youtube channel and then “promote” then on twitter, linkedin and via direct links.

What I would like your opinion on is how should they be pitched? How would you like to have a solution to a problem be presented to you?

I tried the below 3

  • Direct link to video with some mini context

  • Link to video with an image that hints the content

  • Poetry and link to video

Please tell me which one you consider the best and even suggest others :slight_smile:

Thank you

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Probably present the problem or a ‘how to’.

I think you’ll have to see what people google to get the most out of it?
Thinking of my early days of learning new frameworks/automation. I would google ‘how to … this or that’ .
Sometimes literally copy-paste an error message in it, to see what results I get.

So presenting it, a video with a nice thumbnail of "how to " would probably do the trick for me.


I almost never click YT clip links so it’s hard to say. You are making proper thumbnails, if you are not rough-sketching your thumbnail before you start recording the video, your thumbnail will be pants, it’s a huge deal. Rather drop it into the content of something that has already engaged the readers. I almost exclusively watch playlists and channels, because the eyeball cost of having adverts on YT is just going to guarantee you loose an eye when the adverts roll. So definitely, make sure you have captured a person first, before you link to YT.

Most folk will disagree with me, but I’ll bet a few of them pay for the YT ads to be removed. Playlists are king, is my opinion.