What is your current testing goal?

If you’re like me, you’ve a list of things you want to implement, tweak, stop, start… However, we are only slightly more than human, so, if you had to pick just one, what goal do you want to achieve in testing (irrespective of what other objectives are available to meet it)? For me, it’s my team and I moving further away from testing and more towards “quality coaching”. I’ve been keen to do this for a while, and this fire has been further fuelled by Gary Fleming’s talk at Test Bash Manchester.


I want my accessibility workshop to be accepted so I can help people learn it and become advocates like me


Moving regression testing into stories, instead of treating regression as a distinct testing phase.

Transitioning between test management solutions, so our tooling can support our process (rather than the other way around…).

Learning more about person-based exploratory testing and working out ways of building this into our team’s process.