Help me (Robbie) with my ReTestBash Reflection

1. What TestBash talk/workshop/activity inspired you to try something at your workplace?
Dan Ashby’s topic on the Evolution of Testing inspired me to create an initiative within my QA team focused on how we can improve quality, specifically from a Usefulness perspective.
We already do quite well on Correctness and Goodness but I wanted to improve Usefulness in terms of: “customer & users wants and needs”. Taking a trick out of the modern testing playbook at the same time (quality = only customer can judge).

2. What have you tried at your workplace so far and what have you discovered in the process?
To get people thinking about quality in terms of “customer needs”, I created some coaching sessions whereby I paired with Testers and asked questions like: How we can use shift our focus from just testing ACs (Correctness) and use the “Background” section of the ticket to create customer focused Exploratory tests (Usefulness).

3. What are you stuck on? What’s holding you back from moving forward with implementing your learnings? What sort of help do you think you need?
The bit I’m stuck with is that I don’t have the time to pair and coach with everyone in the wider team. The plan is to coach people who can coach others, but I’m slightly worried the messaging might get lost. Does anyone have any suggestion of how to instil better customer focused Exploratory testing as part of the normal testing lifecycle?