What issue tracking tool do you use?

Thanks for your comments!
We do have Phabricator…just not using it to it’s full potential yet! :slight_smile:

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It was more of a need to get the client engaged when logging bugs! Far too often we get, ‘the dashboard doesn’t display properly’ or ‘the app crashed’, with zero context around all the information you need to go with the description of what’s gone wrong!
I did create a spreadsheet that gets sent off to clients with each release of an app or website, but maintaining it has been a nightmare.
I guess I wanted to live in a perfect world where everyone thought the same way as me and valued every piece of information needed in order to recreate a bug…I realise I was living in a dream world. :smile:
It doesn’t necessarily have to be client facing, was just a nice idea. I realise now that some clients are better than others when it comes to this stuff and there is nothing I have seen that doers it all and doers it all well.
New challenge to myself maybe! :slight_smile:

We don’t only track bugs…we still capture requirements, user stories, acceptance criteria and test cases! I was actually one of the people who helped to introduce these in our business, so there was no way all that hard work was going to waste.
In this day and age and the business I work in, we wouldn’t get away with not capturing all this and having no traceability to be honest. I agree with you…it would be a poor business decision. :slight_smile:

I’d say your business should continue using JIRA, as it sounds like you already use it for much more than just an issue tracker. (Maybe they’ve hit the pricing issue where the pricing suddenly exponentially jumps when a certain amount of user licenses are required, if that’s still happening these days)

Having worked on many different test projects with different types of clients, large and small, I’ve used plenty of other issue trackers, so here’s a brief bit of info on each one I’ve used:

  • JIRA - it does have its quirks and annoyances but its very flexible and fits in well with Agile projects, I’ve got my own one for client test projects, so it must be doing something right!
  • Redmine - looks a bit dated but is actually quite flexible and comprehensive, as its also a project management tool, though I’ve only really used the issue tracking part of it
  • Pivotal Tracker - this is really well suited for Agile projects and it worked very well on the one project I used it for
  • DoneDone - I used this a few years ago on a particular project and didn’t enjoy using it at all, though I can’t remember the actual problems with it, as I think my brain has erased all memories of it
  • Codebase and GitHub - in both cases, the issue tracker is a small part of the development toolset/repository so they’re a bit limited in features but do work at a basic level

It sounds like the particular issue you were trying to address could be handled by creating a separate bug reporting process for your support desk or whoever is the customer interface. That is, when you get the ambiguous “the app crashed”, the first thing the support person does is send out the form letter that asks for details.

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You are right, but we are a small business. We only have 2 testers…so we are the support desk basically. :slight_smile:

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We have been using Kualitee for quite some time now. It’s a test management tool with an integrated defect management module. We create and execute our test cases inside Kualitee and are able to optionally associate a defect with them and assign them to the developer.

It allows us to track issues to specific scenarios, test cases and create custom execution and defect reports. It also offers integration with JIRA as well.

The tool is also free for a small time and only $45 for 10 users.


Probably I use JIRA as a My bugs tracking tool…
If you ask me Why I am using JIRA for bugs tracking, Then here is the lot’s of to list just like;

  • Jira is my main source of information
  • It help me to analysis and arrange my daily task
  • Also help me the track the progress of testing
  • I can achieve my goals before timeline
  • Analysis my Time
  • Easy feedback

So, I would really like to suggest you JIRA first for you