What to include in a release checklist?

What do you include in your release checklist on your team?

What are some essential things you’d add to a release checklist if you were starting one? What are some things you don’t think are necessary on such a list?

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Our release checklist is has the CI build passed. Very occasionally we need to add or change environment variables and these need to be done before/as part of release, but that is pretty much it. Is the build green? Yes, we can release. No, we cannot release.


We had a similar tack on our releases.

We also required any useful things for release notes or to inform marcomms, should that help.

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  • Check minor version number is as expected
  • Check release notes are sanitized
  • If Apple, remember check afterwards approval that we download their notarized package to the escrow.
  • If Raspi , check that we inform the pi foundation
  • touch test script that tests the “upgrade-from” version to point to the new binary

I have a whole page, small details that are easily missed.

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