What tools do you follow on social media - 30 Days of Tools, Bonus Sponsor Challenge

We’re back again with another bonus 30 Days of Tools challenge from our sponsor testRigor. This challenge gets us thinking about how we can keep ourselves updated on latest tool changes.

What is your favourite testing tool to follow on social media and why?

  • What useful information do you learn about tools from following testing tool creators on social media?
  • Which social media platforms do you like to use?

Feel free to reply to this post and share wherever you like, on the MoT Slack, LinkedIn, Twitter using #30DaysOfTools, Racket, your blog, with your team and any place you feel might inspire yourself and others to do the same. Let’s learn from each other throughout October. Visit the 30 Days of Tools page and select the “Subscribe to Topic” button to receive each daily challenge direct to your inbox.

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To be honest…Postman and it’s not an answer I expected myself but on their linkedin they OFTEN have LIVE-shows about how people use it etc.

Twitter by far, it’s easier to use and most people share their stuff on there. + There are some bots who for example link disclosed reports of bugs which I like to read, to learn even more :slight_smile:


I follow whole bunch of them, most of major tool provides.

For this kind of thing, mostly Twitter and LinkedIn.