What would and wouldn't you automate using Cypress?

What would and wouldn’t you automate using Cypress? And why?

I’ve seen the Cypress documentation but I’m keen to hear real-life experience and use cases :slight_smile:

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WebApps that are a combination of UI and HTTP/API backend calls. Cypress is good enough in most cases not to need a separate API test suite.

What I wouldn’t:
API only services, I’m using Jest for this and Cypress doesn’t offer any big benefit over this if there isn’t a UI.

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Anything where you need to change domain - Cypress can’t handle it.

This actually stopped me from using Cypress - the login page for our app was provided by a 3rd party and was hosted on a different domain to the application we were developing behind it. Cypress could load up the login page just fine and submit it but then lost connection afterwards because the domain changed.