What's Your Win For The Month? - January 2022

Thank you to everyone for sharing your monthly wins with me over the past year. It’s been amazing sharing and celebrating with you all :heart_eyes:

My wins for this month:

  • Accepting a job that will see me return to testing full time - I am SUPER excited to start back into it :star_struck:
  • Making plans to get some coaching lined up for myself

What win(s) do you have this month?


What a start of the year it has been. Can’t believe January is already on its last day.

  • Work has been very productive. Feeling I’m in a right flow at the moment
  • I delivered my 99-minute workshop again, and it was a real pleasure
  • My partner and I have decided not to consume alcohol on school nights. Initially thought we would be struggling with that, but actually it is not that bad

Congratz! :slight_smile: We will miss you!

My wins

  • Started learning/cracking boxes on TryHackMe.com
  • Learned a lot about cracking hashes
  • We have 2 new testers in our team and guiding them a bit! :wink:
  • Planned some new workshops/exploration nights about Chaos Engineering & Mutation Testing

Had a great first month of the year !

  • Started using audible for the first time and already 2 books, pretty funny and faster than papers book
  • Back to meetups; I’m going to organize 2 within ministry of testing lille + sfax MoT Sfax #10: The Hidden Treasure of Static Analysis: Finding Risks in Forgotten Places stay tuned for the next one !
  • Subscribed to the gym after a long period
  • Did some workshops to QA teams, one of them about exploratory testing and find 5 bugs during the workshop session
  • Received great feedbacks from the client and all the QA, but I got really surprised when I knew at the beginning of this month that my mission will end next month and I’ll start a new challenge again (lesson learned: it’s important to ask about mission duration next time before starting, and other questions … )

I helped win a huge deal :smiley:


I was very excited to read your news @heather_reid, Glofox are lucky to have you coming in.

This has been a good month, although some of the Armstrong household caught Covid toward the end, thankfully no one is ill.

  • We finished the month with a really fun live stream with the 9 out of 10 testers on what we call ourselves: here
  • Some good progress made and a big release went out this month
  • Myself and Mrs A. had a week away without the children, something that hasn’t happened in 3 years
  • I made it onto a conference programme, which is really exciting as I have had a lot of times that hasn’t happened
  • Testing Peers managed to get 3 podcasts published this month
  • I’ve been working on some cool collaboration projects with colleagues who aren’t testers, which has presented the opportunity to talk testing outside of the dev/engineering space

In January I published my first blog post about accessibility and energy management.


@han_toan_lim Please post a link to the blog


Here’s the link:


I really enjoyed reading and the style with George, Polly and others telling the story.

I did spot one typo, there’s a misspelling of without.

I look forward to reading more.


My wins:

  • I delivered my 99 minute workshop again - I am so grateful to MoT for this amazing opportunity!
  • I delivered a talk on autism for my company
  • these two talks were on two consecutive days and I did NOT keel over from mental exhaustion!
  • I got two awesome mentors (my company is sponsoring a mentorship program for employees) and they’re already helping me move my career forward
  • published my eBook here
  • started baking with my 2yo daughter. I love baking and I’m super excited about the fact I can now include her in this

Any baking pics? Cake? XD


She loves stirring stuff.

When she wants to cook or bake , she’ll
Come up to me and say mix mix :nerd_face:


Epic wins everyone! Congrats. :tada:

My biggest win in Janaury was getting to officially run small event experiments with the community, and @heather_reid. It was nice to reflect on it the other day in this post.

And tomorrow (Fri 4th Feb 2022) we’ll run our first Twitter Space for Win of the Week. Feel free to join in and share. Let’s hear what happens! :smile:


Last week I published the next episode about Accessibility Poker:


Yesterday I published the next episode about Accessibility Poker: