What’s your win for the week? - w/c 6th December 2021

This week I got to chat with @heather_reid which is always a :100: win! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve also dug into exploring ideas for small to medium-sized events for 2022 as I have a goal for next year that’s “Weekly events to get the community talking more around a range of topics”. Excited to see what we can do as a community with a variety of events.

Plus I restarted the Heuristics Cheat Sheet project and have put together version 2 of the famous document! :open_mouth: It’s so cool to have more folks contribute ideas to it. I’m now in talks with Elisabeth Hendrickson on how best to publish it.

I’ve also nearly wrapped up a project looking at how we can use tooling to support Community Health. Feels like we’re all set for 2022 on that. Nice!

How about you, what wins of the week shall we celebrate with you and the community? :trophy:


Welcome back @heather_reid !


  • I made a racket!
  • Learned a lot about monkey testing - ChaosMonkeys in specific
  • Reported over a 100 bugs this week (cross platforms/client :D)

so yea it’s been a busy week!


I had a lot of job interviews, some of them very pretty nice.

Got over a flue and looking forward to get back to work on Monday.

The bigges “win” was realizing that the interviewing process (at many places) could do with a lot of an improvement, and I know if I ever get any say on what the software testing interview would be in my current, or some future company, I know I’d make it so that the applicant’s time is respected instead of wated.


Going for a switch? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, but maybe I should have waited till January, this time around new-year makes everything extra slow :sweat_smile:

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Workplace Wins:

  • Got developers pitching in to answer questions about product behaviors we had not been able to test yet, turns out some good design decisions had been made early.
  • Got confident with more of the production OPS tools too.

Home Wins:

  • Got asked to help out on a small project, which may have turned a small corner on my depression.

I came back to work and there weren’t as many emails as I had been expecting :muscle:

Got to have some interesting conversations with people from the community :grin:

If (holiday ) {
       emailsToSpamFolder == true

? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back! :wink:


Past Heather was a clever person because she paused all newsletters she’d signed up to so there was thankfully not a silly amount of them to deal with :wink:


Yay!!! @heather_reid is back; biggest win this year :grin:

Work, nothing worth mentioning.

Private though:

  • got my booster jab
  • organised everything for my first trip back to The Netherlands in 2 1/2 years. Going to see my parents this Christmas :crossed_fingers: