Where are people staying in Munich?

Did you already booked hotel? Share the name to find out who else is staying there to have bashe breakfast together!

Do you have some place to recommend? Please do it!

RECOMMENDATION : if you know that you will come to Munich in October, book your hotel now.

I know I will be there, but is there a hotel recommendation from the locals :sunglasses:?

Last week I was in Munich and stayed in Mirabell and I liked it there a lot.

Here are some hotels from our local Munich team:

Ibis Westend ~ http:// www. accorhotels.com/de/hotel-6903-ibis-muenchen-city-west/index.shtml
Motel One München City West ~ https:// www. motel-one.com/en/hotels/munich/hotel-muenchen-city-west/
Motel One München City Süd ~ https:// www. motel-one.com/en/hotels/munich/hotel-muenchen-city-sued/
Motel One München Dt Museum ~ https:// www. motel-one.com/en/hotels/munich/muenchen-deutsches-museum/
Seibel ~ http://www.seibel-hotels-munich.de
B&B ~ https:// www. hotelbb.de

Links are with spaces because of limit to 2 links per post.

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Links one more time:

Ibis Westend ~ http://www.accorhotels.com/de/hotel-6903-ibis-muenchen-city-west/index.shtml
Motel One München City West ~ https://www.motel-one.com/en/hotels/munich/hotel-muenchen-city-west/
Motel One München City Süd ~ https://www.motel-one.com/en/hotels/munich/hotel-muenchen-city-sued/
Motel One München Dt Museum ~ https://www.motel-one.com/en/hotels/munich/muenchen-deutsches-museum/
B&B ~ https://www.hotelbb.de