Which sense of belonging do you most identify with the Ministry of Testing community?

I’m keen to have more conversations around the concept of belonging to a community like Ministry of Testing.

Belonging is the force that solidifies the essence of community. The actualisation of an innate human desire creates sparks of innovation, creation, connectivity and learning opportunities. Belonging amplifies the space to just be. A space open to emotions and feelings in their entirety whatever flavour they come in. True belonging, amongst one-to-many humans.

Each community member is unique and has their own interpretation of what belonging means in their context. I’m interested to discover what a sense of belonging means to individual community members.

If you get the chance, would you mind sharing your thoughts via the following Belong-O-Meter?


The last two answers to the first question are truncated, so I had to guess what the missing words were. (I could get the gist, so no big deal.)


that was a cool form, yeah, the possible answers getting longer at one end of the scoring is a possible bias driver, esp if the text gets truncated :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for pointing that out, @bobs and @conrad.connected . :confused:

I’m pretty sure I tested that on a live version and checked for the entire sentences. I happen to use multi-choice which did indeed truncate the copy. So I switched to a drop-down design. Guess I missed that or perhaps it truncated after it was published.

Let me see if I can fix it up. Will keep you posted. Let me know if you’d like to revoke and revisit your answer should the copy make a difference.

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Ok, I think I’ve fixed it. @bobs and @conrad.connected would you mind viewing the form again to see if there is no longer a truncated line of text for options 4 and 5?

:lady_beetle:And it looks like I’ve found a bug with Typeform. Whilst designing a drop-down list if you view the edit again before publishing it it auto truncates line spaces which limits the character limit for each option. I’ll get in touch with Typeform to share this with them.

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Looks OK now:


Great news, thanks for checking! :relieved:

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