Who's going back to an office? What are you dreading/looking forward to?

At least here in the US, looks like lots of companies are figuring out what the return-to-office looks like, with many companies working on getting at least some portion back into the office in the summer or the fall. What are things people are looking forward to or dreading? Any interesting bits about what your company is doing?

My employer is using a hybrid approach, aiming for 50% time in the office as well as 50% occupancy by desk. They’re going to try the “neighborhood” approach mentions in this Wall Street Journal article, where they’ll try to co-schedule/co-locate teams.

Seems like most employees are leaning towards hybrid schedules, though the company is not opposed to employees who want to be in the office full time.

I’ve been volunteering to go into the office for a few months now, and am looking forward to having more than the handful of folks in the space, as well as the increased communication bandwidth (facial expressions, body language, and actual whiteboards), along with the informal water-cooler/lunch table type conversations, but do have some fear around the hybrid approach and creating gaps among those who are able to go into the office and those who are not.


My team is staying remote and I’m really thankful for that.
I get to do something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time: in October I will stay in Portugal for one month while I’m still working. Enjoying the nicer weather (compared to my home country Netherlands) and maybe go surfing in the afternoons after work.

No, I don’t miss anything from the office. I don’t miss the commute, I don’t miss the open office hell in which I couldn’t concentrate.

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We were asked how do we want to continue working, I chose to remain working from home for the most part, I don’t mind going to the office everyone once in a while to hang out with my tester homies, but, I prefer working from home. I’ve been working mostly remote for over 5 years and I love it, besides my whole team is another country so I’m not really needed in the office.

Working from home I get to spend more time with my baby boy, I don’t have to spend time on the daily commute, I spend less money on lunch and traffic and I can wake up 10 minutes before my first meeting and still be on time for work. :grinning:

Our company thought we might return on 1 July. Some logistics has moved that back to 1 Aug. There is no requirement to return at least through the end of the year. Even next year, they are expecting to remain flexible.
I’m looking forward to seeing and interaction with people in person again. I’m not sure about the commute.


I do prefer to work from home, since then there is nobody who is sneaky enough to step up to your desk and ask you a question if I could assist him with something… I’m just that kind of person that can’t say no…

But I do like to work in the office due to going out for food and being able to share food with co’s :wink:
I think here people will adopt the 50/50 rule or X-days / month at the office.

Would prefer to work from home though but I don’t mind heading to the office.

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