Would Heu-Risk It? Cards - User Feedback

I have been using these awesome cards for quite some time now.

I recorded my review here: Would Heu-Risk it? - Review by Rahul Parwal - YouTube

I wanted to know from other folks who have been using it?

What are your experiences with it?


Hi @parwalrahul - We just had a Live Demo happening last week at ReTestBash UK 2023. Hope you find this useful as it was a great way to see these cards in action!

Also tagging to this post @pejgan , @karentestsstuff , @racheljoi and @dermotcanniffe for their insights :wink:


how are they different to test-sphere in reality?

I find the “Would Heu-Risk It” cards a bit harder for people to start to engage in conversation, especially with introvert people and less experienced people.

You can also use the testsphere cards for #riskstorming

One of the main differences is that the WHRI cards have a single small paragraph compared to Testsphere cards, a title, summary, category and 3 examples to go off.

Doesn’t mean the WHRI cards are bad, they are still fun to use :slight_smile:

Okay, that makes sense. TestSphere are easy to just pick up because they have a choice of 3 roads you can follow. There is always that temptation to discuss all 3 of the options on a Testsphere card if the card does not uncover any new things to add to your analysis. I tell myself that it’s not the card that is wrong, that it’s just better to pick the next card and see what it sparks because time is often limited.

Do you thus find the “Would Heu-Risk It” card sessions are more meaty conversations?

Not particularly more or less then testsphere cards. The testsphere cards are just a bit more junior-friendly in my experience.

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Loved it. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: @dianadromey