Would you like a Tester Assistant? Here's how

Tester Assistant - What’s that!?

You know kind of like a PA to a tester, assisting tester to do a good job :star2:

Here’s what required :

  • someone happily runs the checklists and verifies expected results are met

  • someone runs various data combination with a similar test pattern

  • someone reports about any system regression issues from previous working state

  • someone tirelessly and happily runs the regression testing when required on short notice

  • someone communicate the regression issues when a new change introduced to master branch

Have you got one? Would you like to ask management to hire one for you?

I know a good one and it’s available on your calling and commitment!

It’s called #automation in testing, it does everything i ask for in my projects most of the time.

Tough, I need to continuously work with my #TesterAssistant to ensure we are complement each other well. So we both do what we are good at and most interested in!

#TesterAssistant does it’s best in automation with speed and consistency.

#Tester applies #TesterMindset actively to uncover unknowns. Then tester teaches the #TesterAssistant about the new things to check.

Tester AND Tester Assistant!

Not VS each other!

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