Wrappers for Selenium

Hi everyone
I want to know that what wrappers can be used for selenium like for example one is selenide. So can you suggest me others too which are in current market and are useful to test a website application.
Than you

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If you go to one of the “hosted” test runner companies, they will get you using their favored wrapper, searches will show you that there are as many as there are companies offering a service. It really depends on what your use-case or your end goal looks like. Wrappers abstract problems that can take weeks to sort out away, saving you time, but also leaving you knowing far less about the environment. And we know that this is a huge area of change right now. You can tell I’m a reluctant fan.

But. I’m also on a journey myself, resurrected some old Selenium framework code, rewrote the wrapper, and will one day want to do execution in someone else’s cloud simply to save lab space. So keen to hear more people’s detailed accounts.

As already said, it depends on what you’re looking for. But in my place we use Ruby + Capybara to write our automated acceptance tests. I’m a big fan of Capybara as wrapper around the webdriver. Means we can write the tests in acceptance test like language.