Xray users : do you prefer all in 1 project or separated projets approach?


I’m using Xray for the second time in my life.
In the previous company they decided to split Xray in a separated project (one for backlog/US/TS and one for test cases). Now I have a doubt about this approach and the Xray Guide lists some pro&cons of each of them : Quick Guides - Xray Cloud Documentation - Xray

The separated project for test could be great in order to create a kind of reference where everybody could come and select test cases if needed. At the same time, it means that we have to create many custom fields in order to fit the needs of every Requirements project (as stated by the guide, it means “Extra administration effort”).

What’s your opinion about it ? What have you seen with your previous or current experience ?

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Hi @enrico_gua ,
I would recommend the all-in-one approach, since it’s easier to foster collaboration, visibility and also management. Having separate project works in some orgs as the organization itself may have a separation between dev and testing/QA and they will certainly replicate that in terms of Jira projects…
If you have further questions, please let me know.

Note: I work at Xray.


Thank you @darktelecom.

Yes there is a kind of separation between dev/QA/PO, working together in different squads (and each of them has a Jira project), so since there are many Jira projects I was thinking about a separated project for tests. At the same time, proper filters could help to get very quickly the tests about the feature XXXXX as well.