🪐 You land on a testing planet, what do you see around you?

This is a bit of fun, but it also has a dual purpose of helping us to some fun and relevant design and branding around our Testing Planet activities.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you land on a testing planet.

What do you see around you?

(Here’s a LinkedIn and X version for inspiration)


I put on my space marine power armor and start fighting bugs!


obvious meme is obvious


Cassandra will lead our pantheon, Kairos will accompany her.


As testing can not exists with people seeking solutions and other making them, the testing planet has connections to other planets, is part the of solar system of society.

I see different triebs of testing, some fighting each other. While different things are demanded and sent by other planets. Also the tribes sent things to other planets.

Edit: removed relations to chunks of a planet to say more with the picture of a planet.


As i Landed, i’m greeted by a welcome sign - “Welcome to Buglandia-Where every glitch has a story”, overhead cloud shaped error messages.


First up I’m sent to get my “visa on arrival” from the ISTQB office.

Then I see the DevOps authoritarian government telling me I should return because I’m no longer needed.

Then I hear someone call me from a dim alleyway, I follow them and they take me to a neighborhood of rebels preparing for an uprising to establish the free will of real testers.


I’ll go navigate through the fog of “blueberry vape clouds” and then go for a Swim in the lake of “Monster” (or “Dark Thunder” for those who shop in Aldi).

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