30 Days of Agile Testing - Day 30: Reaction to red builds

The 30 Days of Agile Testing Day 30 task is:

Contribute to The Club how your team reacts to a build that has gone red

How does your team approach this?

Not proud about this answer!

Today we had a red build, failed on Cypress step on a feature branch.
All Cypress tests were OK but I added (few weeks ago) a failed status for any error log during Cypress step. I called a dev “it seems that a property does not exist on your feature” (it was explicit on the log). His final answer: “You have to add the property on docker compose”.

This conversation pissed me off. Does someone in my team is looking why the build is red? Why nobody tell me the existence of this property? Have I to complete the docker compose (may be, but never identify this task)?
Is it a communication problem? Is it a quality implication problem? I do not know what to think…