Anyone recommend a FREE screen recording tool

Hi, the title more or less says it all. No money to spend, but looking for a decent screen recording too that does not impose too many time related restrictions on recording.

Not looking to re-create Infinity Wars, just a good basic tool

Hi you can use jing from techsmith. It is for free and quite easy to handle.


Thanks, had a look at this. One drawback (for my personal usage), is the 5 min video limit. If I am reading the info correctly

I recently started using iSpring free cam. It has its weaknesses (only being able to save in .wmv, for example), but for my purposes, it’s pretty good.

Oh ok, how long do you want it to be?

I am thinking the max will be around 15 minutes. Still a bit off Infinity Wars, but long I know :slight_smile:

I’ve used CamStudio for a long time. I don’t think there are any limits on it. I haven’t tried it on Windows 10 though… I used to encode to xvid on a framerate of 10/s to keep the file sizes small even on large capture areas. It was a pretty solid capture tool - but it is only that really. There were no bells and whistles, and you have to take a little time to tinker around with the settings to get exactly what you want.

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I know it’s a bit late, but in case someone else needs free screen recording software, there are built-in tools in modern Mac OS X and Windows systems. They are not perfect, but if you need something fast and do not have time to search and install some aftermarket solution, then they can certainly serve their purpose.

  • If you’re using Mac OS X (10.6 or later), open QuickTime player and from the file menu select “New Screen Recording” option.

  • If you’re using Windows 10, press Windows key and letter G at the same time, then click on “Yes, this is a game”. This will open built-in Game Bar tool which is intended for recording games, but can be used for anything.

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For bug reporting I’ve always used licecap which i’ve found fairly straightforward. You simply lay the licecap window over whatever you wish to record and click ‘record’, the output is saved as a gif. It may not be as suitable to long videos / demos however.

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I use the free version of screencast-o-matic ( for desktop recordings, the maximum recording time is 15 minutes and you can easily save to mp4, avi or flv with some basic editing tools and options for what part of the screen to record, with/without audio etc.

If I need a recording of a mobile device screen, I will usually mirror to my desktop using Vysor ( then record using the tool above. However Mobizen is also good and easy to use if you just want to make recordings directly on the mobile device.

Disclaimer : I have been using these tools for a few years now/ I am a bit stuck in my ways, so there might be slightly better ones out there! Also, I am not sure if these tools will work with Apple devices.

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Hi, recommendation on a bit more advanced tool.

So in the past I used OBS ( It is a completely free tool but the set up might take a minute but once set up you don’t have to do much afterwards just hit the button.
Mostly used by gamers on Twitch and YouTube but it gives you a huge flexibility on how the final product will look like with multiple scenes or windows recorded.

If you have office, you can record your screen and audio with Powerpoint, afterward you can right click and save. It’s unbelievably pretty good! Who knew eh…


Although it’s no longer maintained, Kazam is sufficient for 99% of the cases - and it’s free as in free speech, i.e., the import type of freedom :smiley:

A little-bit heavier:

Shutter is the tool - it allow area selection, edition in-app and clipboard copying right away.

Also a thread here on similar topic that may list some tools - Tools for showing bugs via recording screens