Automation Toolsets

I’m exploring automation toolsets and would love to get some info on what other folks are using, particularly in combo with Test Management tools.
What combination of tools do you use for your end-to-end automation testing?
-what are you testing (desktop apps, mobile apps, web, etc.)?
-do you have any opinions (good or bad) about your toolset?
-what Test Management tools are you using and do they work well with your automation?
-does it integrate with JIRA?
-anything you wish you could change?
-Do you have CI/CD in place?

In my case, we’ve got a combo of Desktop and Web-based applications, on numerous tech stacks (some ancient, some state-of-the-art). We’re also looking for a tool that can integrate with JIRA.

Would love to hear some case studies, input, and suggestions!