Be Influential. Be Glue! with Helen Liu

4th up to the TestBash New Zealand stage, @helenliu is going to explain how we can be more influential in our workplaces and impact our teams by being Glue :grin:

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A lot of companies I’ve seen do their team building activities outside work hours. How can you encourage your employer to do these during working hours so as not to exclude parents/carers etc?

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Hi Helen, great talk! :slight_smile:

How do you glue in a world de-glued by corona virus? In a world where remote work and isolation are becoming “the new normal”?


Sami from Finland :wave: :santa: :finland:


What I found interesting about the talk is that it seems to assume you are at least a little extrovert to become a “glue person” (many communication paths involved, a lot of people-ing). Any advice for introverts to become a “glue person”?


What happens if you try to be that glue person and your boss thinks this person is just aiming my position

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