Can Playwright be integrated with Test Management tools such as Xray, Jira, and Test Rail?

In our ongoing discussion on Playwright from our AMA with @utchbe, “ITestIT” raised a key question about integration capabilities:

“Is it possible to integrate Playwright with Test Management tools like Xray, Jira, Test Rail, etc.?”

Answers to this query are useful for understanding how Playwright can fit into broader test management and tracking systems. Any insights on integrating Playwright with these popular tools would be valuable for community members looking to enhancing testing workflows.

@sarah1 I am a Solution Architect on the TestRail platform, happy to add clarity specifically for TestRail integration with playwright!

We do offer integration with Playwright using our TestRail CLI tool, which easily integrates many automation frameworks (Playwright included). See additional info and video here:

We also have sample framework for playwright using the TestRail CLI on our public repo:

Hope that helps!



Hi everyone and happy new year!
If you’re using Xray (on Jira datacenter or Jira cloud) it’s quite straightforward.
We built the following tutorials, and the following resources:

The flow is simple:

  1. write the tests in Playwright
  2. run the tests and generate a JUnit XML report
  3. push them to Xray using the REST API or a CI/CD plugin

You can use the built-in “junit” reporter or use the “playwright-junit-reporter” maintained by Xray. “playwright-junit-reporter” allows you to embed more information while writing the test codes, like adding the ability to map a test() to a existing Test issue in Xray, attach scheenshots and more.

Disclaimer: I work for Xray for a long time :slight_smile:


Hi @sarah1

I am sure you can create your own integration . We use Vansah Test Management app plugin for Jira which is similar to Xray. Our Test results from playwright are sent to Jira against the Testcases. Vansah seems to come with different integration options based on the programming language.

Readmore: Integrate Playwright with Vansah Test Management for Jira - Vansah Docs