Can Playwright Tests Fully Test Backend Systems? And is the LOTR reference stretched thin?

We (Tracetest) are adding the ability to combine trace-based tests directly in existing Playwright tests - would be useful to any Playwright shops using distributed tracing (ie Jaeger, Tempo, Honeycomb, OpenTelemetry, etc). This lets you write one test to fully cover the front end AND the backend application… you could say it is one test to rule them all :smile:!

I wrote the following article to discuss the benefits, why we are doing it, etc: The Lord of Playwright: The Two Traces

Two questions:

  • would get some :eyes: on the article and linked example, and hear your feedback, particularly if you test with Playwright. Thoughts?
  • did I go a little too far with the Lord of the Rings, Two Towers reference? It was enjoyable to add in the references to LOTR, but perhaps it distracts from the technical content?

p.s. the ‘stretched thin’ line in the title is a reference to one of my favorite LOTR scenes -

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