Can't afford a ticket? We're here to help!

Hi Murat, unfortunately it’s too late for my tickets, they are in the hands of people already. Yet maybe someone else here has one left to share? All the best, hope to see you at TestBash Home!


Murat, I have a couple of tickets left if you are still interested.


Hi Dan

I got my ticket from some else. Thank you for the offer.

I also have four tickets to give away :slight_smile:

If you’d like one, please contact me here and / or at with your first name, last name, and the email address you’ll use to attend. :rainbow:


I am happy to give away one ticket to anybody who wanted to attend.

please contact me here:


One ticket left…DM me your email address so I can pass it on :slight_smile:

I’m out!


Hi, can i get the ticket?
my email id is

should we create a spready of who has offered tickets left? hard to track… @danielbilling and @erindonnelly do you still have tickets left?

Hey lovely people! A bit late to the party but I just found out about TestBash Home and I’d love to attend. Unfortunately I’m furloughed at the moment so I have can’t afford it right now. If anyone has a ticket left I’d be very grateful :star_struck:

HI @g33klady, Can I please apply for a ticket. I really wanted to attend.

Sorry Felix, I wish I had seen this sooner. I just gave away my last one. :cry:

Hi Felix,
I’ve got you! I had one left to give away. Email me your full name and preferred email address and I’ll pick up your ticket and have it assigned to you.



@zaid @honey2085 do you still need tickets?
It looks like @joshin4colours might have a ticket left. I can cover the other if it’s still needed

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@g33klady If its possible for you, could you please lend me a ticket?

Hello friend,
Are they any left Ticket for me, I will really appreciate that.This my email :

Hi All,

Are there any free tickets left? Thank you all in advance. This a good investment for me. Hope you’re all safe. I really can’t afford at this time. Again, thanks! My details below.

fullname: Irah Sitchon

I have already requested for a ticket, but I don’t see my comment here. Maybe I put it in a wrong place. Anyways if anyone still has an extra ticket, I am waiting…Thank you in advance…

Hi Daniel. I need a ticket. Do you have any left. thank you in advance

Hi Trisha, this is Ravi, I want to attend, do you still have a ticket?