Free test-case management tools

I’ve started recently in a company that has no test-case management tool. Since there is no budget for such a tool I wonder if there are any free test-case managent tools that I could consider.


Yea, I found one for a side project of mine it is called QA Touch, it can integarte with Jira, but I didn’t get around to do much in it. The free version does seem sufficient for all the basic test managment needa of a smaller project. There are other free one out there probably.


Vim + Git + Markdown may be a good start.


Kiwi TCMS looks quite promising. It is open source, so probably you could give it a try.


Consider embracing the freedom the ‘missing’ test case management tool gives you. Questioning Test Cases, Part 1 « Developsense Blog


Thanks for the really smart solution!


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Free Test Case Management Tools:
1. qaManager - qaManager is a free test case management web-based tool. It is an application for managing both testing projects and teams. Features include tracking releases, managing test cases, resource allocation, track code reviews, and reports.

2. Testopia (A Bugzilla extension) - Testopia is an extension for Bugzilla that enables simple test case management. With Testopia, you can integrate bug reporting with the results of a test run. They also allow you to export test cases and results. With Testopia, users can log in to one tool and use the Bugzilla group permissions to control permissions and access for modifying the tests.

3. TestLink - TestLink is one of the more popular free test case management tools available today and is a great alternative to paying for a service or using spreadsheets for test case management. This web-based tool allows you to import and export test cases, designate various user roles, and it supports manual and automated test execution. TestLink also integrates with many popular issue tracking tools, so you can link test cases to bug tickets.

4. TestMaster - TestMaster is a web-based tool created from the need to report which test cases are complete or incomplete. It offers email reports, test cases importing from word docs and CSV files, search, and simple reporting. TestMaster runs on Linux and uses Apache to serve web pages. This tool is a great alternative to managing your testing projects in a spreadsheet.

5. Nitrate - The nitrate test case management system helps manage test plans, cases, and test runs. It is available under an open-source license, downloadable via GitHub. Nitrate has many useful features, such as tracking external issues with test cases, a fast search facility, and it also has the benefit of an XML-RPC API.