Headspin.io - anyone tried it?

Hi all,
I’ve been asked to look in to headspin.io for my company. Wondered if anyone out there has heard of it or can talk to any experience with it?
Looks to me like they make a lot of big promises, but I don’t want to dive too deep until I can find a second opinion on whether they follow through or not!


I haven’t tried it, but I know they recently hired Jonathan Lipps to head up their university, and education programs. Which makes me feel like they are serious about mobile.

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Hi! I have not tried it myself. Curious what you think! Did you guys try it yet?

Hey Kalei!

No, we didn’t try yet - the project got kicked down the road in favour of other priorities, as these things do :slight_smile:
It’s likely we’ll end up using AWS device farm, but, will probably look at headspin too. I’ll update this thread if we do.

I did get one piece of feedback to this question from someone saying they’d had a great experience with it, so, that’s promising anyway.

I tried in a different comment to suggest trying Apptim, if you need to do client side mobile app performance tests, but then it got flagged lol

Ha, OK, thanks for the tip, I’ll add it to the list when we get to it!