How to use Git Lab for test management?


Good Morning. Any one have an idea that how to use Git Lab for test management (writing test cases-execution-reporting-tracking)? Right now, we didn’t have any specific test management tool using and it’s due to the nature of our work and budgeting.

Since we are very small and primarily using Git lab for all our day today work from maintaining code base, tracking qc and dev issues, Linked the requirements from basecamp (a kind of req management tool) to Git lab and deployment. So, we just highlight what are tested/scope as a comment in Git lab but it will not help a long way if the team size increases in future. Please clarify the same.

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Try Kualitee for test management and integrate it with your git lab. The tool has test management, defect management all in one tool. A simpler version of ALM.

Thanks Michelle,

Let me take a look into that however my client has some budget constraints to purchase any new tool right now.
Do you come across any open source/free tool for this requirement? Otherwise, i need to go with Google sheet for managing my test cases and link it to Git. Please advice.

Hey Sadeesh,

The tool is free for up to three users. I think you would also find the pricing to be quite low.

Hello @mnsadeesh!

Some alternatives might be the open source office tools. Open Office and Libre offer a decent spreadsheet application that could be used for managing your tests.


Thank you! yeah i’m working with my client on this.

Thanks much Joe, Extremely Sorry for very late reply and there is a natural disaster in my place. so was OOF. Let me take a look into that. It helps.