How was your April?

Take a moment to reflect on April.

  1. Move away from where you typically hang out
  2. Start a 15-minute timer
  3. With April 2023 in mind, write down/draw/record the things that you are most proud of
  4. Stop the timer at 15 minutes and reply with whatever revealed itself.

Letโ€™s celebrate your wins and key learnings for the month of April. :trophy::mirror::trophy:

Exhausting in my personal life.

  • I have been staying fit at least doing home renovation and going for walks.
  • I have had less free time and hence have played less computer games (not sure if this is a plus yet.)
  • I have taken on a committee role to edit a club website, itโ€™s a lot of work though. Being hyper-focused seems to help.

In work.

  • Frustrated by lack of product ownership and process ownership.
  • Did get some software released, but next project is now delayed.
  • New team member is working out well, and a Godsend!

Iโ€™m beginning to suspect I have ADHD, or something in a mild way, I hope this suspicion passes.

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Wow, that sounds like a super busy one, @conrad.connected. I hope you get some space to do what you want to do throughout May.

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