I advocate for

Thought this was one worth sharing - again, the conversation started on Twitter, migrated to LinkedIn and I’ve gathered some of the responses. Some interesting points - even more interesting discussions had!

No bullying in Agile teams between colleagues and peers. That there is respect for people even if you don’t agree with someone’s opinion. - Stuart Cunningham


“Creating a non-shameful community of practice for education within software development teams - teaching people about all the different elements of testing in ways that suit them and add to the overall quality of the product” - Amy Newton

“…not doing bad things because they make more bad things” - Elizabeth Fiennes

“good team health, mental wellness, and support.” - Steph Jenkins

“Better quality with faster solutions.” - Haritha Hari

“Pragmatic engineering tempered with creativity.” - Jerry Durant

“… always asking yourself if the child you were would respect the adult you’ve become.” - Jeff Nyman

“Accessibility” - Christopher Sterling

“Open source testing, my former homeless youth clients, community building, and helping testers get tools to succeed. Oh, and ice cream for dinner when possible.” - Tristan Lombard

“celebrating success and learning from failure. Can’t win 'em all.” - Daniel Sanchez

“Those that feel they can not advocate for themselves” - Aj Wilson

“Provide value to our customers.” - Ahmed Sayed Ahmed Ali Ebrahem

“…a new position. And hospital patients.” - Beverly Doolittle

“Users” - Deepak Koul

So the question is, what do you advocate for?

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