I wish I knew more about

I wish I knew more about…

We’ve been asking on Twitter and LinkedIn and got some interesting answers - what about you?

Vasileios Tsakirakis - “Technical skills for being a successful tester”

Eric Olsvik - “McCabe’s Cyclomatic Complexity.”

Anna Z - “Human and artificial intelligence”

Elena K. - “In software development and artificial intelligence”

Alameen A - “future of testing?”

Camille O’Toole - “Agile0-friendly test automation frameworks and how QA can integrate better with other teams (Application Security Testing)”

What would you like to learn more about?

I agree with this one.

I feel like it is quite overwhelming the amount of resources that are out there. How to find what is useful and relevant to me at that one moment can be hard sometimes.

One I was asked about recently: what test certification (or similar) is available for test automation?

I have worked with test automation (Selenium with C# and TestComplete) for some time now, but how can I prove or improve my ability in some formal test-like sense?

Looking at the replies to this question, a lot of them are very much automation focused. Which always worries me a bit tbh. I would encourage people to dig a little deeper about their knowledge because I am reminded that automation is merely a reflection of the individuals knowledge. If your testing knowledge is shallow, so is your automation, if your testing knowledge is deep then your automation will be deeper (and by extension more effective).

That said, reflection is a hard thing to do so it’s sometimes easy to look at current conscious goals one might have and wish you knew more about those. So again, I would encourage everyone to take a step back and really reflect on your skills as a tester and your dynamic in a team. What do you feel confident in, what don’t you, what do you feel over confident in (be honest).

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I think this is largely due to the fact a lot of companies have a “lets automate everything” approach. There is an increasing demand for software testers to know about it.

I don’t agree with it and other areas are often overlooked as a result - for example, accessibility testing.