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Hello all, my name is Lucy and I am hoping to start an apprenticeship in testing! After A levels, I spent a few years working in retail trying to figure out what to do with my future, so I am very looking forward to learning new skills and working towards a new career!

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Hello All, I am a complete newbie to software testing. I was a software developer many moons ago. I was fascinated with testing then but never got the opportunity to try it out. I then left to look after my family. Years later, I returned to the workforce but as an administrator in the health sector and was very delighted to find out that a role in software testing was a possibility. I quietly prepared for any Junior opportunities by reading software testing articles and watching YouTube videos on testing tutorials and interviewer tips where I found out about the MoT (best discovery ever by the way :grinning: )

The opportunity did come up and I jumped at it. I am now waiting to start in a junior tester role. I can’t wait to soak up as much knowledge as I can from courses and articles available on here, it will definitely keep me occupied till then and beyond.

What a great and welcoming community this is and grateful that I found it.

I am also very grateful that this wasn’t a typing test as I am learning to touch type
(why not?), it is taking a while. Looking forward to my first test bash tomorrow, not sure if I was qualified to attend but couldn’t resist an event that had the word ‘bash’ in it. Have fun and nice to be here.

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Welcome, @cakeboss I might be biased (since I’m a tester who listens to the AB Testing podcast a lot) but from what I’ve observed is that the developers who know how to test write top-notch quality code, compared to top devs who leave all, or most of the testing to someone else.

I have been testing software for years and I want to get better at automation as well as to see how others here at MoT approach testing and what they have learned that I haven’t.

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