Looking for a Mentor and/or Testing Buddies

I want to improve my testing skills but I feel like most of my testing is primarily based on ‘checking’ and ‘requirements’.
I feel more motivated to improve if I have an accountability partner to talk to

About Me
3 years experience in testing a recruitment/hiring platform
Mostly codeless testing
Basic experience with tools: API, Web Recorder tests (Postman / Selenium IDE / TestProject.io)
I can check the db and write basic SQL to verify data
Tools I use the most: JIRA and Zephyr for test case management
I have attended RST Explored and BBST Foundations
I’ve also done ISTQB foundation but I put no weight on that certification.

About the arrangement
Informal/Casual Chat either through text or calls (video/no video is fine)
Outside of work hours (9-5pm GMT/BST) or weekends
Do you speak Chinese or Japanese? We can double this up as a language exchange since I’d say I am a lower intermediate in them.
I can offer English but if you’re already fluent in that, I guess my smile will just have to do.

Anything else I missed that you want to know about me?


Is there anything specific that you know that you wish to learn already?

I don’t speak Chinese nor Japanese but always happy to talk about testing for a smile! :wink:
Feel free to join the tester hangout sometimes => Google hangout for testers

I’ll be in there tomorrow at 10:30 (Belgium time). If you want outside of working hours, I can join you tomorrow evening also if you wish, just give me a heads up :slight_smile:

That’s kind, thank you for sending me the hangout info. I didn’t know about that. I can’t join during work hours though unfortunately. What is the usual schedule on there?

I don’t have anything specific in mind yet, looking for a connection for now. I will message you if I do have anything in mind as I know your time is precious.

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No schedule, anyone can join at any time.

I have time, tomorrow evening I’m all yours if you want! =P

@pwong Welcome !!!
Other then ‘checking’ and ‘requirements’ if you want we can discuss about PoC or to explore new items that we can automate for example If I need to automate Email , delete temporary files from windows server for all users etc.

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@pwong - Sorry, this is unrelated to your post. I’d like to know what you think of the RST Explored course. If you’d like to share your feedback, then I can create a separate question for it.

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