Looking for a mentor as I transition into software testing


I am an iOS developer, interested in transitioning into software testing. I have taken some online classes, and familiar with a lot of the concepts of manual testing, but I was hoping to talk to someone about what this looks like in practice. I’ve also started picking up some QA work at my current job, and have some general questions about creating test plans.




Welcome to the wonderful world of Software Testing!

In regards test plans, you might want to start with @claire.reckless fantastic One Page Test Plan:

And as for starting out in Testing more generally, don’t miss @heather_reid “30 Things Every New Software Tester Should Learn”

Happy to chat if you have more questions. I’ve not done testing much on iOS, is that going to continue to be your focus?


Thank you- These were very good reads! I will most likely continue to focus on iOS, Android and web.

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This is also a useful link if you’re wanting something a bit more mobile-specific:


Not sure if you are still looking for a mentor, but I’m happy to mentor you.

I’m also keen to ask you questions about iOS development if that’s ok?

Hi Angela

I’m happy to help you out, I am currently mentoring in my role as a Test Manager and I am also and experienced manual tester, testing desktop software.


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Hi Nicola - I still am :slight_smile: Also, feel free to ask me questions about iOS. adyrda2@gmail.com

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Sweet, just pinged you on the MOT slack, also sent you an email :slight_smile:

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