Mobile Game Testing: Industry Leaders’ Challenges and Strategies

Hey guys!

We had a webinar a couple of weeks ago featuring Melissa Eaden (former MoT editor, now a Unity), Rob Siebel from Infinity Games and Aliaksandr Kavaliou from Playtika all about mobile game testing and performance!

I wrote this post that summarizes the best highlights from the event and gives a window into what its like to test mobile games, for small publishers to the giants. How do they reduce testing as a bottleneck, how is mobile game testing different from testing other kinds of apps, and more!

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Really enjoyed the webinar @kalei-white

Privacy & compliance laws are a pain, there are so many games available in the US and not in the EU because of this.

I would love to see some “front-end automation of video games” :smiley:
** goes to google **

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I’m so glad you liked it! I heard that King was able to automate user play testing using machine learning, pretty cool! Human-Like Playtesting with Deep Learning | by Tech at King | Tech at King | Medium