MoT Brighton, UK - Continuous testing throughout the SDLC - Dan Ashby - March 2021

Hi all,

This is where we can continue the discussion for Dan’s talk and we will post any questions here to answer them at a later time.

The session:
There’s quite a bit of confusion around Continuous Testing, with many people believing it means “continuously running automated checks in a Continuous Delivery pipeline”. But actually, theres a much bigger picture surrounding the whole aspect of testing (including exploratory testing), and continuously testing throughout the entire SDLC.

This bigger picture helps us build quality products much more proactively. But HOW do we do it?
Well, now’s your chance to come along to this interactive session to learn about it, and then get hands on to try it yourselves!

We’ll talk about and try out testing an idea, a User Story artefact, a wireframe design, some code, and of course, some software too. All while learning about the value of testing these things.

I look forward to testing with you!

Dan Ashby
Proud father. Quality and Testing enthusiast, teacher, coach, mentor and servant leader. Director of Quality Services @ Ada Health. I blog at: and I’m a co-founder of the MoT Essentials (formerly the Software Testing Clinic). I love being involved in the testing community (and other communities)!

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No BS estimation cards

Honeycomb for observability - loads of resources:

Start with Why - Simon Sinek

Miro for collaboration - online whiteboard and more

Risk Storming

Testing Challenges

5 orders of ignorance

What’s in a name

Achieving better outcomes with structure

Essentials Pathway coming in May


Heuristics Cheat sheet (added by Kim)


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Great talk last night @danashby

Always good to reinforce existing learning, and see new takes on how that is implemented. I’ll be working towards delivering this inside a large org, but within a much larger org. A bit like Russian dolls. It’s daunting.

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Thanks @danielbilling! It was really good engagement from everyone - I didn’t even realise I spoke for so long :sweat_smile:


This can be rewatched here now

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