ReTestBash UK 2022 - Evolving Our Testing: Assessing Quality Throughout The SDLC - Dan Ashby

Evolving Our Testing: Assessing Quality Throughout The SDLC with @danashby

Talk Description

Imagine a world where testing was properly understood and invited throughout the full lifecycle of building software. A world where quality was not just perceived as “correctness” based on the software meeting the requirements. Imagine the state of the world if this was the case, with people relying more on complex software every day.

People expect high-quality software, with quality being an accumulation of the goodness of the experience of using the software, the correctness of its operability, and the value they obtain from the software. In order to evolve the craft of testing to assess quality in line with this, we need to break out of the mindset that testing only relates to assessing the software.

In this talk, I will explain my view on testing and its purpose of assessing quality, in line with my views of quality being beyond the correctness of the software. Additionally, I will illustrate the value of expanding testing activities throughout the entire software development life cycle that:

  • testing ideas can prevent wasteful development and uncover risks.
  • testing designs and requirement artefacts can discover ambiguities and risks and prevent assumptions and waste.
  • testing architecture and code design can be the fastest possible feedback loop (much faster than test automation) on the quality of the code.
  • much of the output of all of the above testing can dramatically improve the quality of the testing we do when we test the software (improving both scripted and exploratory testing), from us using the risks we discover to better structure our testing.

There will be examples, there will be models, and there will be stories which I hope to excite and inspire you to reflect on and evolve your own testing towards that imagined world of really showing the true value of testing from assessing quality throughout the entire development lifecycle.


  • Investigate ideas, requirement artefacts, designs, and processes as part of the SDLC
  • Discuss the testing feedback loops across each activity
  • Understand what activities are involved within an SDLC

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.

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Questions Answered Live

@gwendiagram - Did sharing this model with people you work with change any behaviours?

@gwendiagram - If someone is currently working as a tester, what are some of the steps steps you would suggest someone takes to become a Quality Engineer?

@lehaze - How do we make improvements quantifiable? Any tips on gathering metrics to track improvements in each of the model areas?

@sarah_oconnell - How best for a QA/Tester to get involved in story design and ideation when there are lots of teams, but minimal testers?

Questions Not Answered

@gwendiagram - Can you share the analogy to do with the model that would take too long for the talk now - if you remember what it was?