Reflecting on September, what would you like to celebrate?

September has been and gone. :open_mouth:

What a month! I’m immensely proud of how much of a success TestBash UK was. It’s sparked many things across the community. :muscle:t2:

How about you, what would you like to celebrate about September?

Big or small or somewhere between, share and let’s celebrate together.


It was a nice month all in all, here’s what comes to mind:

  • Finished a blog post and started writing a new one

  • Delivered the keynote speech at the Testival conference

  • Had a couple of exciting interviews

  • My part-time project ended so I got a bit more free time on my hands now

  • Had a relatively nice vacation - a few rainy days didn’t ruin it


For me it is something not to do with work.
After a five year hiatus I’m finally back at doing amateur dramatics. We started rehearsals for panto; oh yes we are!


Glad to hear the five-year hiatus is (it’s) behind you. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Congrats!


My first blog post was published in our company website.
I attended the one and only local testing conference and met many new awesome testing people there. Felt connected.
My first customer assignment at my new work ended. At times it felt rocky road but I feel good how it ended up.
We celebrated our companys 1 year anniversary and house warming party.


In September I published a blog post about scoping testing. As a vlounteer I translated a part of an English testing book to Dutch.


Congrats to both of you for publishing blog posts. I think folks would be interested to read them if you’re ok to share. If so feel free to add a link to this thread or edit your posts with a link.


For the interested people, here are some links:


@han_toan_lim @virpik congratulations on posting this month.

If you ever want some ideas for future posts, you could checkout the bloggers club. Lots of good people share content. :blush:


I didn’t attempt TestBash so I cannot celebrate that :frowning:


  • I went on Holiday!
  • Created and Finished a API Testing course which I call ’ API Testing V2 - Beyond the JSON values’

It’s about testing API’s and not learning a tool. You often see courses saying ’ Learn Postman with rest API testing’ but this is not like that. The main purpose is basically to test API’s, since in so many courses people just test JSON Values & HTTP codes but there is no much more to test on an API!
We are dry running this course today at our office :slight_smile:


Speaking at TesthBash UK was undoubtedly my career highlight. Consciously and unconsciously it has been a goal that has shaped a lot of my career decisions.

I also spoke to human beings that I hadn’t met before. As someone with social anxiety who gets nervous queuing at a supermarket checkout, the social/networking aspect of TestBash UK was terrifying but I ended up meeting so many wonderful people and learning so much from people.


Your talk was amazing, Rich. Loaded with practical and insightful tips. And full of good humour too. :smile:

Congrats on taking such a career step.


September was amazing month!

  • Launched my podcast, Liberated Tester, Liberated Tester :partying_face:

  • Delivered a talk at local meetup here in Bangalore, in person, after a long time! it was so great to meet everyone in person. It was very well received

  • on office front, we completed our selenium grid migration!

Thank you @simon_tomes for the topic!